Created and published the game in under 48 hours

We couldn't actually start at midday on Friday because we had to do our day jobs but we were able to discuss the game design and mechanics at the start of the night. Once we had a core loop defined we created a Notion page to manage the tasks and I started doing the 3D assets while @ReyRamiroIII started with the coding tasks.

We were able to deliver the game 4 hours before the deadline but weren't able to animate the main character (Cuy) as we would have like to.

I hope you find this short game fun and that you give us some feedback.

It was great taking part in the GMTK 2022 Game Jam along with @ReyRamiroIII

Please download the game and give us your feedback.


Son of a Cuya (Linux).zip 28 MB
Jul 17, 2022
Son of a Cuya (macOS-Apple Silicon) 24 MB
Jul 17, 2022
Son of a Cuya (macOS-Universal) 38 MB
Jul 17, 2022
Son of a Cuya (Windows).zip 29 MB
Jul 17, 2022

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